Stucco Crack Repair Products

Stucco Crack Repair Products

Stucco crack repair products could be an overwhelming topic for majority of people who needs them. With so many stucco repair products on the market and plethora of stucco products existing in general how does one know which one is the best stucco repair product out of all exterior stucco repair products being sold everywhere.

Stucco exteriors are a fine combination of utility and aesthetics. Stucco is a reliable insulator. It is an affordable way to keep your interiors warm during winters and cool during summers as stucco walls shield your home from both freezing and scorching temperatures.

Stucco as the primary material for siding can be mixed with colors of your choice, you can choose the type of cement coating and incorporate different design elements before the cement dries up. When something is so utilitarian or functional and durable, appealing and affordable, there is truly no contemplation if it is worthwhile. However, like all other constructions and installations at your home, stucco will also need some timely maintenance and possibly stucco repair.

The most common problem of stucco exteriors is cracking. Fortunately, the stucco cracks are entirely manageable, unless you ignore them and allow the problems to aggravate. There is no dearth of stucco crack repair products for hairline stucco crack repair or land you can buy them from your nearest hardware store or online at Amazon among others.

The most common type of cracking in stucco walls or sidings is a hairline crack. As the name implies, the crack is barely the width of a strand of hair but it can vary greatly in length. Hairline cracks are easily remedied with some stucco repair caulk if you know how and if you can pick the best stucco crack repair products. Also, if you have experience or know-how using these products will lower your stucco crack repair cost.

The width of hairline stucco cracks is usually anywhere from one sixteenth to one eighth of an inch. The length could be a few inches to several feet depending on the severity of the crack, structural condition of the wall and the various external threats the stucco is exposed to.

There are a few types of stucco cracks that can be hard to repair. You may need to consult an expert for complicated stucco crack repair. But hairline cracks can be remedied with some paint and stucco repair products. Here is a list of the best stucco crack repair products, rated on the basis of cost, efficacy, practicality, availability and the consumer reviews on Amazon.

1. Mor-Flexx Stucco & Mortar Sealant

Stucco Crack Repair Products - Mor-FlexxMor-Flexx is one of the most powerful stucco crack repair products. Most of the other stucco repair products dry hard, become brittle and prone to re-cracking. Mor-Flexx when dried is still stretchable and flexible. It provides long-lasting seal.The material is elastomeric, which means it can stretch without cracking, tearing or forming any unsightly slump.
You can use the material to seal cracks as wide as three inches. Mor-Flexx is can be used to repair mortar, stucco, artificial stucco, EIFS, even basement floors. While the material is textured to begin with, it is paintable too. So your repairs will easily disappear.

2. Through the Roof! Cement & Patching Sealant

Stucco Crak Repair Products - Through The Roof SealerThrough the Roof is the best caulk for stucco on the roof or siding. It offers permanent sealing of any crack or even roof leaks. The sealant is clear and effortlessly elastic. It is easy to work with. You wouldn’t have a messy appearance on and around the sealed or repaired area. Through the Roof Sealant responds to temperature so you would not have it fall apart or bulge out when the weather plays its cards. This product is ideal for stucco, but it can also be used with metal, asphalt, plastic, brick, concrete, ceramic, stone, glass, mortar, polyurethane, wood, terra cotta, cloth or canvas and cement among others.

3. Red Devil Masonary & Concrete Acrylic Sealant 0646

Stucco Crack Repair ProductsThis is an acrylic compound perfect for repairing and sealing cracks and joints in concrete and exterior stucco walls. It is one of the best stucco crack repair products, to repair cracks in sidewalks or steps, or if you have to use some filler for missing or depleted mortar between bricks or stone or cinder blocks. The ability of the material to blend with stucco, the textured finish and its durability make Red Devil 0646 one of the superior stucco crack repair products. It prevents water damage, will not stain, mildew resistant. You can easily clean it up with water. This product boasts excellent adhesion, easy application and tooling.

4. Loctite® PL Premium® FAST GRAB

Stucco Crack Repair Products - Locktite-Fast-GrabThis is one of the strongest interior and exterior stucco products available. Entirely made of polyurethane, the Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is eight times stronger than other construction adhesives, you can apply and standby to find the material harden like a rock in a few hours, there is no need to reapply the next day and it can be used outside and inside. The material is paintable and doesn’t shrink at all. Loctite® PL Premium® FAST GRAB is the de factor choice of many professionals. It is not recommended for  water submersion applications, but it is water resistant. Some of our favorite qualities of this product are that it has low odor, long open time and high strength. It even comes with instructional video about the product. Loving it! Right?

5. Alex Plus White Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone

Stucco Repair Products - Alex PlusAlex Plus is an all-purpose acrylic latex caulk plus silicone with excellent adhesion qualities. This is the simplest stucco crack repair caulk. It is easy to use, you can clean up with water, the material is ready to be painted in half an hour, there is no major odor and the silicone additives make the material super flexible. The all purpose caulk is effective for hairline stucco cracks and to seal gaps around doors and windows, baseboards, trims and moldings. It is not recommended to water submersion applications, but it is waterproof and has a durability of forty years. There is negligible shrinkage and the caulk will not shine through after you have painted it.

Polyurethane Stucco Crack Repair Products

Polyurethane stucco crack repair products are difficult to worth with as they don’t blend in easily and cleaning up is not as simple as using some soap and water. But if you want the repair to last for a really long time and you want no untoward surprises, then this is the best option at your discretion. You can always use denatured alcohol or thinner to help the polyurethane stucco crack repair products to blend in.

How To Apply Stucco Crack Repair Products

Don’t know how to repair stucco cracks? You may hire a pro to repair a hairline crack or you can use a stucco crack sealer and do it yourself. You would need:

  • ratchet caulking gun
  • caulk or sanded caulk
  • bucket of water
  • caulking rag or sponge
  • and of course some know-how

You probably have most of these in your garage.

Here is a short video that explains the basics about stucco crack repair and stucco crack repair products used.

There are three important elements you should bear in mind while working with exterior stucco repair products.
You must pick the best stucco repair product. Saving a few bucks here will cost you in the future.
You must abide by the best practices and not experiment with how you apply the stucco caulk. All stucco products come with instructions so it shouldn’t be hard to just follow them.

Finally, you must be sure that you can do the job. If for whatever reason you are even remotely uncertain about whether or not you can pull it off, feel free to call Stucco HQ at (904) 258-2826 and consult with an expert. You can also get a free estimate while you are at it. We know how to fix hairline cracks in stucco or how to repair large stucco cracks, we have been doing it for years.